What a year 2020 was! I was reflecting on 2020 and the role poetry played in it when, in mid-December, I shared a video call with Kelli Russell Agodon, a poet I admire immensely for her commitment to eco-themes and human nature and the beauty with which she tenders these subjects. The point of my call was to talk with her about truthiness, fake news, alternative facts and our commitment as poets to science. 

We may have steered off course when we decided that poets need a self-check-in at the end of this year: 

  • what did we like about 2020’s lockdown? 
  • what worked? 
  • and what are the take-aways? 
  • are we more mindful of time?
  • are we more mindful of what truth is?
  • are we more careful about our sources of information?
  • how was the planet nurtured by our new behaviors? 
  • how was our carbon footprint reduced?
  • how did we take care of our creative selves?
  • what practices do we keep?
  • what do we not need to keep in terms of habits?
  • what are our pandemic regrets?

Word-to-Action, the poetry retreat on climate change that Kelli participated in via Zoom in October, will sponsor a zoom call for all poets and creatives to write a collective 2021 Resolution. 

The German virologist, who rang the Corona alarm bells back in January 2020, said recently that some of our habits need to stay in place to prepare for a changing world: namely no hugging. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. Let’s write and stick to a resolution that will make the world a better, more caring, place forever. Let’s make a resolution that students and loved ones everywhere want to sign on to. Will you join us in a Resolution Revolution?

*We will check back in periodically to share creative work and see how we’re keeping up with our resolve.

January 21, 20219 PT / 12 ET / 18 CETBreakfast/Lunch/DinnerTo join a Resolution Revolution just email or DM me for a link.