Thirty seven people signed up to join our online reading. Sadly, Eventbrite gave a few some difficulties so the recording is available now at . We had a beautiful time together talking poems and climate—as in weather, the room, the distance between us. We spanned the globe from Hawaii to Colorado to West Virginia to New York to Dublin to London to Austria to Liechtenstein and Switzerland and still the space was cozy. We talked and shared poems for one and a half lovely hours that might have gone on until the early hours if not for the time difference. 

Since it was a Word to Action event, we gauged the audience’s response to poems and climate facts. Here were the results:

I’d be interested in knowing your thoughts about what this says about how poetry and scientific facts do work where: (Work= Force (the poem) on an Object (the reader) that causes Movement (action)). Send your thoughts to

Here are some other reactions to the readings from the chat:

: poetry is part of the network of change makers – wonderful! 

: I love this whole conversation!

: great article in the New Yorker about data science and facts, numbers, and data 

: poetry, philosophy, inquiry as other ways of knowing

: so moving and beautiful

: Such and interesting conversation and poems

: let’s continue to be optimistic, proactive…

: Thank you for an uplifting, intimate and moving event. 

: What an ending!

* Word to Action is both an intense and relaxing retreat for poets. Hosted in our patron’s sustainable home on the beautiful Eschnerberg in the lovely country of Liechtenstein, everyone is welcome who understands that when it comes to climate action, poetry can help ask the questions so that together we can find answers. International visitors are invited to stay in guest quarters for the week (limited to 6) while local poets can join at any time during the day for workshopping, meals or activities. We welcome everyone to write in their heart language and expect at least English and German poems to be generated.

Word to Action will kick off on May 28th as guests arrive and we get to know the shared space and each other. That evening, depending on hunger levels, we may make wood-fired pizza and join a campfire. Monday through Thursday will be intense writing days with lots of opportunity for workshopping the poems we will read on Thursday evening after a tour of the Castle Gutenberg in Balzers. A celebration of the reading will follow in the cafe. Friday will be a quiet day of reflection before the retreat ends on Saturday/Sunday, June 3/4 as folks depart. 

Word to Action is about generating collaborative poetics: poems that help others understand the concept of “climate” in all of its aspects in different and important ways. We love dialogue, honest discussions, philosophical inquiries, stargazing through the telescope, laughing, singing, sharing music and ideas. This space, this hill we are on, was home to prehistoric settlements and the energy is as amazing as the wildlife and birdsong.

This retreat is a gift for our writing souls: a place for inspiration, relaxation, fresh air and good company. We are busy the rest of the year with so many obligations. We need to let someone pamper us with healthy food, comfortable living and writing space and generous hospitality. Disentangling from our To Do list is essential to putting new work into the world, to make connections with the others, and to share our fears for and celebrate the gifts of this planet. We will leave the Word to Action retreat with hope.