On the 21st of January, eleven creative minds from across many time zones* got together on a Zoom call to talk about how 2020, for all of its difficulties, made us better people, to the benefit of those around us and the environment we share. It was the day after the Presidential Inauguration in the US so we opened with two short lines from Amanda Gorman’s inaugural poem, “it’s the past we step into / and how we repair it.” We asked ourselves what practices or habits we wanted to keep from 2020 that may have been new to us or resurfaced from an earlier time in our lives – perhaps another time of scarcity.

First, we asked each other these questions:

  • What changed in your life in 2020 to make it easier?
  • What changed to make others around you happier?
  • What changed to make the planet breathe easier?
  • Do we know what prompted our behavior change?

Our answers were along these lines:

  • We notice more birds and animals, as if they are taking back their space – reclaiming it.
  • We actually stay-in-touch more throughout the separation and perhaps because of it.
  • We learned to slow down and set priorities.
  • We started to notice the little things,
  • and to realize we need less stuff,
  • and that gift giving isn’t as important as being present for each other,
  • that eating at home and cooking with local food is do-able, healthier, and it lowers our eco-footprint.
  • We found that walking became a community event.
  • Maybe we hear the birds more because there are more, and/or there is less noise pollution to compete with them, and/or we are outside more.
  • We all realized, companies too, that work-at-home can work for many.
  • And we learned that loss and fear are clarifying.

And so, we came up with a 2021 Resolution to keep these lessons alive in our hearts and minds. You can read it and sign on here:  www.change.org/resolutionrevolution21  We will meet again in the late Spring to check-in. Keep an eye out for the invite on Twitter or Instagram and email for a link.

*Many thanks to Kelli Russell Agodon, Kara Knickerbocker, Valerie Bacharach, Romana Iorga, Liz Boquet, Jaclyn Costik, Rachel Walton, Tess Barry, Katrin Hilbe, and Daniela Buccilli for their creative input and time. Also, we thank the 152+ people who have signed the resolution so far!