Oct 12 – 18

The Poets

By video:

Will McInerney

Kelli Russell Agodon

Richard Blanco

Enda Wyley

Craig  Santos Perez

Tess Barry

In person:

Romana Iorga

Oliver Miltenberger*

Phillip Border

Oliver Spann

Cathy Wittmeyer (host)

*also a climate scientist

The Programme


Monday: Intro to Collaborative Poetics by Will McInerney

Tuesday: Climate intro by Oliver Miltenberger /Video call with  Craig Santos Perez (10 am)  

Wednesday: video chat with Richard Blanco on a voice for change

Thursday: Workshop

Friday: video workshop with Liz Bouquet

Saturday: video workshop with Tess Barry

The Performance

Sunday at 11:30 at Literaturhaus Liechtenstein

Word to Action is a retreat for writing and performing poems centred on the theme of climate action.  Enjoy plenty of hiking in a relaxed and beautiful setting. See more information and sign up using the contact form at cathywittmeyer.com