It’s moving forward!  Upper-level students (16-17 years old) at the local high school will be getting the choice to participate in Word-to-Action for project week.  From September 28 through October 2, students choose to do project work instead of normal class work.  Here is our project proposal:

Do you want to understand what “climate action” means and what you can do about it? Participate in this multi-sensory experience with CIPRA (international organization for the protection of the Alps) and a local poet to: witness real-life low carbon living; discuss individual & community actions like smart purchasing, farming and mobility; and experience nature  intensely in excursions to the forest, the river, the mountains.  Culminate your experiences and questions in a creative written work and a spoken word (English or German) performance to persuade on-going community action.  

If you would like to continue your writing experience, you may participate in a local writing retreat with international poets and a public performance in October.

Participating students will have the option to join our Word to Action Writing Retreat in October and/or perform with us on October 18th.

If you are a poet who would like to join our retreat October 11-18,2020, please write to me in the contact section at