Opening poem 

Sponsored by Word to Action: 

Word to Action is a writing retreat that addresses climate action through poetry by engaging students. The first one in October was a success despite the pandemic restrictions.  Word to Action is happy to sponsor this call to keep the discussion going until the next in-person retreat. 2022? We’ll have check-ins throughout this year. Maybe a new format for Word-to-Action emerges.

Goal: to write a resolution that is signed by _____________ people worldwide

Questions and dialogue:

  • What changed in your life in 2020 to make it easier?
  • What changed to make others around you happier?
  • What changed to make the planet breathe easier?
  • Do we know what prompted out behavior change?

Draft Resolution:

  • Do we make it lyrical or just practical?
  • Limit resolutions?
  • Allow it to grow?

Plan for distribution:

  • Social Media
  • how many signatures?

Plan a check-in:  How are we doing in x months?